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“Derka” is a stereotypical Arabic word used in lieu of actual Arabic dialogue. On District Derkas, hosts Sama’a Al-Hamdani and Lilia Okalina demystify commonly misunderstood aspects of Middle Eastern culture and create a space for open dialog aimed to teach, inspire and entertain. D

This show records and broadcasts LIVE on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

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    The Arab S(ting)

    What’s an Arab Spring? It may cause allergies but it’s not seasonal. The Derkas deliberate on the North African revolution that led to a sequence of uprisings in the Middle East back 2011. Did these movements bloom?

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    They Did What?

    The Napoleonic invasions broadcasted misinformation and false accounts on the Middle East & its “peoples’ strange ways”. The Derkas think not!! Our cohosts flip the script, put on their anthropologist turbans and list a few of the “strange” ways they observed living in the US of A. What’s with the socks and flip flops?

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    Fast! But Furious?

    The Derkas drop knowledge on Rama Ding Dong aka Ramadan aka yeah, not even water! Our hosts serve a three course meal with “Ramadan” as its main course. They ‘dish’ on fasting, what it means to them, & how Ramadan - though a common practice - seems to remain a mystery inside an enigma wrapped in a burrito.

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    Derka Dating in DC

    The Derkas discuss & compare the different dating paradigms they’ve experienced and address the complaints they’ve received from friends who have (unsuccessfully) dated Derka men. But with Fuckboys spread across the planet, it’s hard to pillory only one group/culture for their Neanderthal behaviour.

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    Contentious Skin

    The Derkas introduce a new segment that discusses current events and debate how they would handle an attack presented at the segment of Orientalism Expressed. In between, they remember 9/11 and how they became the symbols for terrorism.

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    Et tu, Pute!

    The hosts take a look in the mirror & face their own biases regarding other derkas. Some biases run deep and even in the family, Which (internalized) stereotype will break the camel's back?

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    Home Away From Home

    The Derkas discuss the elephant in the room; their choice of residence. They reflect on their initial touch down in the district & how it gradually became home or a multifaceted exile.

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    In this brief episode, the Derkas celebrate International Women’s Day and dispel the common notion that their native narrative originated in servitude & give a big shout out to the women who inspired them to woman up wherever & whenever.

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    I den’tities

    Can an American passport save all Derka problems? Not for Sama’a who recently visited Istanbul and Beirut. The Derkas go on to map their first identity marker, and they question whether this identifier left them trying to fit in or rebel out.

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    Cultural Derkafication

    The derkas can’t agree on Cardi B riding a camel and they draw a line in the sand when it comes to cultural exchange: Homage or Appropriation? Much like hummus, the spreading of culture isn’t a homogenous recipe.

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